From nothing to everything. Tao Zero guides you through 3 steps:

  1. If you have nothing, some work is necessary - only the Tao itself emerges from Zero. One of the areas where the outcome can hugely reward you for your work -if done right- is .

  2. With some money at hand you are ready to enter the adventurous phase. This can be accomplished with a working set of methods for .

  3. Finally we want to raise our seed the relaxed way having fun. The right system will get our growing wealth multiplied by .

Tao Zero? It is possible to start with zero energy and build up from there. The Tao is from another dimension. It has or is no energy, but it is able to steer the flow of energy. You can make of that what you want. Interpret it more psychologically, question it like a physicist or believe it like a metaphysician. It's up to you.

Step zero begins here:

It works - just follow the Tao